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How to Build A Professional Tour Booking Website With Aventura

Are you a tour agency running a great business and needing to build a great website? This tutorial will give you step-by-step guidelines from the beginning how to build a website with Aventura WordPress Theme – an ultimate solution for your travelling and tour booking system website.

I. Set up hosting

The very first step you need to do is to find where to build your website. You can build your site online at a hosting company like SiteGround, Bluehost, HostGator, and DreamHost, etc. Let's take SiteGround as an example.

  • First, sign up for your hosting account and select a domain name
  • Second, login your SiteGround account and select the My Accounts Tab to find all the basic information about your account.   
  • Third, click on "Go to cPanel" button and look under the "Autoinstallers" section or "WordPress Tools" section.   
  • Fourth, click on the "Install" tab and choose a protocol for your website.   
  • Fifth, give your site a name and site description.   
  • Sixth, choose an admin username and a complex password.   
  • Finally, click Install. You don't need to select a theme because we are going to use our own theme.
  • When you finish, there will be a link with a structure your_domain/wp-admin. Click on that link to login your website.    

II. Configure WordPress  

​Once you have installed WordPress, to ensure you have a clean WordPress, you can remove additional plugins like the Loginizer or Akismet plugin in Plugins section, remove any pages, post and comments in section Pages, Posts and Comments and set the permalink structure to "Post name" in Settings > Permalinks section.

1. Install Aventura WordPress Theme

​Now, it's time for you to install a theme. Because you are running a travelling business, we highly recommend you to use the Aventura WordPress theme. This theme provides you with every element you need to build up a unique website. This theme is an exclusive theme on Themeforest, to buy and get this theme, you can go to this link. Then, you can follow steps below to install this theme:

  • Login Themeforest, go to Download section and select to down "All files and documentation"
  • Unzip the theme package and find the aventura.zip in the Theme folder.
  • Back to the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes, at the top of Themes section, click Add New.
  • Upload the zipped Aventura file, click Install and Activate the theme.
  • After activating the Aventura theme, you will see a notification to install the Plazart Installation.
  • Click to install and activate this plugin.
  • Under the Plazart Installation section, you need to activate the product and import demo content. 

​ You can see our tutorial video to learn more about this Plazart Installation plugin: How to use the Plazart Installation plugin 

2. Import Demo Content 

The easiest way to understand and use a theme is to import demo content. For the Aventura theme, it's very easy for you to select layouts you like to import. Under Plazart Installation section, you can choose the one you like most. Aventura is developed with 11 home layouts which surely offer lots of suggestions for you to make up your website.

With a never-ending passion of making a flexible and user-friendly product, TemPlaza team has taken advantages of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to build up these home layouts and created a bunch of custom elements, which makes it easy for users to pick up any part in any demo home layout to craft a unique website.

3. Setting logo in Aventura Theme 

The first step in your process of building a website is to add your website logo. In the Aventura theme, you navigate Theme Option > Header > Select the Header type you are using > Upload your logo. 

4. Setting color in Aventura Theme 

​Aventura comes with an ultimate color scheme which lets you choose any color you want to paint your website. Go to Theme Option > Theme Color, you will see several options in which you can change the Primary theme color, button background color, icon color…

5. Typography settings 

​Typography plays an important role in any design and website. With this in mind, Aventura includes a useful option for customizing typography on your website. You will find the typography settings under Theme Options and then Typography tab. In this option, you will choose a font in a collection of Google fonts for your website.

6. Edit the menu 

Next step, you need to create a menu and select a menu style suitable for your travelling website. In Appearance section, you go to Menus tab and create a menu.

Aventura offers 11 header types which you can select the most suitable menu style for your website. In Theme Option section, you go to Header option, open the Header type you want and configure settings there. 

7. Modify the footer 

​Besides the menu, a good website needs a good footer. Fortunately, with Aventura, you can select among 3 footer types to make up your website. Each footer type will bring your website a different appearance. You can easily find a Footer option in Theme Option section. This option includes 2 settings: Footer Content and Footer Bottom. Select your footer type and configure it with ease.

8. Create Tour Listing 

The most important part of a Travelling and tour booking website is having a well-organized tour listing. In this listing, all your recent tours with all the most important information should be shown clearly. In Tours section, you can click on New Tour to add a new tour to your list. Besides, Aventura allows you to manage your tours by Tour Categories and Tour Languages. Orders part helps you control all the tour orders booked on your website.

After you add your tours to the website, it's time to show them in a certain page. It's truly simply to achieve it. All you need is to view the link: your_domain/tours

The interesting thing is that you can display your tour in Grid style or in a List. Navigate to Theme options > Tour Setting, you will find all options to set up the Tour Archive page and Tour detail page. 

9. Set up Booking system 

​After having an effective tour listing, it is decisive to include a straightforward booking and payment system. Using Aventura, you are able to have full access to a simple and powerful booking and checkout system. You can select to use the built-in checkout system or WooCommerce checkout. 

Firstly, under Theme Option section, you go to Booking option. In this option, if you enable the WooCommerce Integration option, you can use the WooCommerce checkout system (WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page). In case you disable this option, you are going to use the Aventura's checkout system. 

Secondly, you can go to Tour Setting option, in General Setting option, it is required to set up pages here. These pages include Tour Cart, Tour Checkout, Tour Confirm, and Wishlist page. Except the Wishlist page, the 3 other pages are created with built-in shortcodes and they are different from WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page. Normally, you get these pages automatically when you import demo content. 

Finally, you go to Payment option to set up the different payment gateways which consist of Payment in cash and PayPal. You can use more payment methods in WooCommerce Settings when enabling the WooCommerce Integration.

​In this tutorial, I've given you some basic steps to build a professional tour booking website with Aventura theme. The theme provides you with a lot of flexible options and a collection of other functional pages including Branches, Destinations, Shop, Blog and Contact page. This theme gives you everything you need to get a ready website. Let's check it out and discover more useful features.