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How to Change the Name of Joomla! Template

When installing a template into a website, most Joomlers want to have their own name for the template layout for the unique as well as the security purpose. But how we can do it? Today we will give you some steps to have the name you want.

In this article, we will take example of changing the template ‘’tz_jollyness_joomla’’ into ‘’templaza_template’’ on Local Host. And you can do similarly with your live site.

Step 1. Create a new template folder

After downloading the template package, unzip the template package then the file After that, you can see the folder tz_jollyness_joomla. Please copy this folder and rename it for convenient use. Next, we will work with the new folder. Here, we create a folder named templaza_template.

And now, we need to change in folder language and file templateDetails.xml.

Step 2: Change in file templateDetails.xml

In this step, firstly, let’s open the file templateDetails.xml with Notepad++ in the folder templaza_template. Then, find the key words ''<name> tz_jollyness_joomla</name>''; and change into ''<name> templaza_template</name>''.

Next, find the key words ‘’templates/tz_jollyness_joomla’’ and change into ''templates/templaza_template''.

Step 3: Change the language file name

In this step, please open folder templaza_template\language\en-GB and rename all file here. All you need is change the words ‘’tz_jollyness_joomla’’ into ‘’templaza_template’’.

Step 4: Compress the folder and install

Now, compress the folder templaza_template into zip file. After that, you can install this template file via Extension Manager.


-  The folder we change here is only the template, not include the framework.

-  Before installing, please make sure that the template is compatible with the framework and the Joomla version.

-  Before updating the template to the new version, the name in the new version should be changed first then updated.

Here are all you need to change the name of Joomla template from TemPlaza. We hope that now all you guy can create yourself.

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