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How to create a multilingual site in Joomla 3

You are new Joomla or you are website developer. You are having a plan to create a website. In addition, you want your website to display all contents with Multilingual.

This can help you introduce your site to many other people over the world. That's why you are looking for some good tutorials on how to install Multilingual website with Joomla 3. Today, we give you a post which is enough for you to know the way to have Joomla Multilingual Website easily. I'm going to take you through the steps for creating Multilingual Website. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1:

You go to Administrator -> Extension Manager-> Install Languages.

step 1Step 2:

In this Step, you will look for language that you want to add into your website
After that, you will install language on your website

step 2

Step 3:

Continuously, you go to Extensions/Language Manager. In here, you can install default language for front end (Installed-site, Installed-Administrator, and Content).

In this Step, you will also go to create New Content Language

step 3.2

After creating New Content Language, it will display like this:

sau khi cai dat content lang

Step 4:

With Step 4, you will go to Extensions and choose Plug-in Manager
Firstly: you will choose System –Language Filter and configure in both Details and Basic Options:
In Details:

In Basic Options:

Secondly, you will choose System-Language Code like below image


Step 5:

In this step, you will go to Module Manager to create "Language Switcher" Module. This module will help your site change language in front end


After you finish creating Language Switcher

sau languge switcher

Step 6:

To this step, you will have a chance to learn about creating Main Menu for two languages.

French Language

menu fr

English Language

step 6

When you creating completely Main Menus for two languages, it will display like below image

tạo xong menuStep 7:

In here, we also show you how to create Menu Item in Main Menu.

Firstly, We will guide you on how to create Menu Item for French Language

You will go to Menus/Main Menu Fr/New

menu item fr

This is image that you have completed creating menu item for French Language. You will click " Home" to choose language for menu when it display in Home page


Secondly, you will also can create English Menu Item that is similar to French Menu Item


Similarly, you can see English Menu Item after creating. you also click to "home"

10-29-2013 9-46-40 AM

After you create New Menu Item in Main Menu. It will appear icons for two language in your site

sau khi tạo menu

Step 8:

Now, we will help you create articles with Multilingual
You will go to Content/Article Manager/.You will create article for English and French Language. You can see 2 below images which illustrate about creating article for 2 languages.

English Article:

step 7

French Article:

step 7.1


With few steps, you can create a Multilingual website Joomla 3. I hope you like this tutorial and found it useful.

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