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How to Create A Professional Event Website

It is obvious that a great event website easily convinces potential attendees and effortlessly engages them to join your event. This is true for both event websites and other ones in other fields. So how can you create a perfect event website to sell out your event? Below are some tips for building a professional event website that turns your visitors into excited audiences.  

1. Make a great first impression with visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words, so why don't you make use of images to make a great difference? You can employ some good images at the top of the page so that your visitors can see them easily. It is a good idea to use obvious images of the venue or any speakers you'll have in your event or any kind of food and drinks served. Clever graphic design is also commonly used to make your event website appealing. On these images, you can include some information related to your event such as a time countdown and the exact venue address.

Besides, lots of people like to use video background to make an impact. Taking as an example, Meetup WordPress Theme is a great choice for anyone who wants to build up a professional event website. This theme offers both image slider and video slider so that you can choose the one suit your site best. Also, it is super easy to show single or multiple countdowns on your website. 

2. Attract visitors by using videos

Essentially, the great way to capture the visitor's attention is using good images. However, to keep this attention, you should use at least one video on your website. By this way, you can show your visitors what your party and conference look like, which will engage them to attend the event effectively.

Besides the big video background on the slider, Meetup theme also provides an alternative for you to include more videos on your website. Instead of showing videos in a normal way, you can show them in light boxes that surely make your visitors feel excited and interested. 

3. Make your site user-friendly and responsive

​With the increase in the use of mobile devices, a large number of users prefers to access websites from their phones instead of other devices. That's why it's truly important to have a user-friendly event website. Make it as fast as possible and check it on different real devices and browsers before it goes live.

4. Include all the important information about events

After you make a great first impression successfully, you have to make sure that all the important information about the event is available on your website and it's easy to access this information. For an event website, the following content should be included:

  • What the main topic of the event is about and detail schedules
  • Why people should attend (useful content, famous speakers, etc)
  • When the time is
  • Where the venue is
  • How to register for it
Moreover, supporting for multiple languages will help you reach more audiences. Make sure that the WordPress theme you are using allows you to achieve this point.

5. Include social media icons

​An effective way to extend the number of attendees is to encourage the visitors to share your event and ask their friends to come along. Embed social media icons into your website or at least make it easy for visitors share your event on their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

6. Make it easy to register for the event 

The last tip for creating a professional event website is to build a simple registration process for the event. This process should be short and easy to understand so that the attendees can easily register and make the payment if necessary. The fewer steps, the better. The Meetup theme does an excellent job. After selecting the event/package and filling in the register form, they will be directed to the PayPal page for finish the payment process immediately.

In conclusion, you now know how to create a professional event website. 6 useful tips are: use good visuals to attract visitors, make them feel excited with videos, create a responsive website, show all event important information, include options to share the event and simple registration process.