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How To Create An Attractive Interior Website

Let's imagine that you are looking for an interior designer to decorate your home but you find that his website looks sloppy and unprofessional, do you continue to let him design your home? I'm sure that you'll say "no". Obviously, a good website is extremely important for a business, especially décor market. In this article, we are going to figure out some useful tips to create an attractive and appealing interior website.

 I. Prepare a plan

First and foremost, if you don't have a website, just make one. Then, you can start optimizing your website. Determine the most important information you need to share with your clients and make them feel interested in. To do that, you should identify your target audience and arrange content in a certain order. Below is the list of content every interior website should have:

1.  Stunning Homepage

Obviously, home page is the most important for a website because it is the first thing your clients will look at when visiting your website. Make sure that the home page is appealing and provides the most outstanding products and services you offer. A captivating home page of an interior website often concludes of some main elements: a beautiful slide, main services, some featured portfolios and products, good reviews from your clients, detail statistics related to your service quality, amazing latest posts to keep your clients up to date with your business, and some contact methods. Depending on your purposes, you can arrange this information in different orders and layouts.

Taking as an example, Interiart WordPress Theme, an excellent theme for interior websites, helps you achieve all these things easily. Being aware of the importance of the homepage, all its 13 home layouts are perfectly designed with precision and attention to detail. You can show your most important information in different styles which suit your website best. 

2. Beautiful Portfolios 

After getting your potential client's attention, it's time to show off all your hard work! The best online portfolios are organized by categories. This way will make it easier for clients to find examples of works you've done on different categories. It is better to keep it simple instead of long slideshows. A good solution is listing your portfolios in Grid.

Moreover, the content of each portfolio should be detailed and have keywords to help with SEO. In detail portfolio page, you can both describe your work and present your own personality which will engage your customers.

3. Professional About page 

Another part of an effective interior website is the About page. In this page, you should arrange your profile professionally. If you are an organization, it is truly important to list your reliable team members. Be in mind that your customers are looking for to hire someone they are willing to spend time with. Therefore, it is a good way to market and sell your business.

4.  Service page

Besides showing off your own work, you should specify all services you offer as well. This is one of important steps to build the customer trust naturally.

5. Beautiful Blog 

All the websites have a same purpose: building credibility. An ideal manner to do this is sharing your knowledge you have had in blogs. You don't have too much things to share? That's ok. You can completely share experience from your customers.

6. Contact page 

Don't forget to make it easy for your potential clients to get in touch with you. That's why you have to make sure that all your possible channels are available on your website and your customers can easily find them whenever they want. It is perfect to gather them on a Contact page and sometimes on the footer.

II. Decorate website 

When you decorate your website, focus on the structure, keep it simple, mobile-friendly and easy to use.

  • Color: Choose one solid color that fits your brand. Sometimes, the theme you use may not offer the color option that is suitable for your website. Therefore, make sure that you are able to select your favorite color you want. For example, Interiart theme offers Unlimited Color option which will allows you to add any color code.
  • Font: Select a font which makes it more readable so that your customers can access your information more comfortably and quickly.
  • Images: Use different image sizes depending on their positions. Images are important but don't let them make your site load slower. Optimize your images to ensure the image quality and the website loading speed.
  • Structure: Keep your navigation minimal and use drop-down menus to display additional pages if necessary. The most important items on your main navigation should be: Home, About, Service, Portfolio, Blog and Contact. Most importantly, well-structural home page will make a good first impression on your potential customers.

III. Track your most popular content 

Keep tracking the most content on your website especially the portfolios so that you can apply strategies timely. Google Analytics is a perfect tool for you.

IV. Get discovered! 

In this step, you need to work on your SEO. Make sure that you pick a SEO friendly WordPress Theme for your website. Besides, you can do a few other things: make sure you show up I local searches, use your alt tags, and share your content on other site…

Particularly, Interiart is a perfect interior WordPress Theme you must consider when looking for a good theme for your website. It provides you all important elements for an attractive interior website; moreover, it is totally SEO friendly and mobile friendly. Additionally, it is completely compatible with WooCommerce so that you can create an online store easily. Let's check it out and find out more awesome features of Interiart!

There you have: some tips and steps to create an attractive and professional interior website. If you have any other useful tips, let's share with us in the comment box.