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How to Create Module in Joomla! Page?

You are using TemPlaza template with Plazart Framework. And you want to have a module in a page. After just a few steps below, you can do successfully.

Supposed that you want to create module ''Our Featured Projects'' at ‘’head-component’’ position in page ''Portfolio'' with template layout ‘’tz_jollyness_joomla - Portfolio Masonry’’. And now, let’s start the mission with 3 parts.

I. Menu item

In the configuration of menu item, you can find the template layout assigned and also check the module assigned as well.

Here, we have item Portfolio with layout ‘’tz_jollyness_joomla - Portfolio Masonry’’ and module ''Our Featured Projects''.

II. Module

In the module configuration, there are some notable points.

1. The Position

The module should be chosen the right position you want.

Here we have module ''Our Featured Projects'' is the position ‘’head-component’’. In this article, we will use the available position in the template.

2. The Assignment

Then, in tab Assignment, you assign to the menu item or page you want to show.

For module ''Our Featured Projects'', it will be assigned to the menu item ‘’Portfolio’’.

III. Template Layout

The template layout needing configuring must be the one assigned to the menu item you want.

Here, the menu item is Portfolio so we will configure in the layout tz_jollyness_joomla - Portfolio Masonry.

Now, in the Layout tab, we create a block for the module with the necessary position. Please remember to choose ‘’Module’’ for the Type of the block.

Also, you can check the assignment in tab Assignment.

For module ''Our Featured Projects'', we create the block ‘’head-component’’ with type ‘’Module’’ and position ‘’head-component’’.

Just after a few steps, you have a page ‘’Portfolio’’ with the module ''Our Featured Projects'' in the ‘’head-component’’ position. If there is any difficulty with this duty, feel free to leave comment here or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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