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How to Disable Right Click on Images

Photographers, designers and web administrators always want to prevent theft of their images. And one of the effective ways to protect your images or source code is Disable Right Click on images by using plugins.  

Photographers, designers and web administrators always want to prevent theft of their images. And one of the effective ways to protect your images or source code is Disable Right Click on images by using plugins.

Unfortunately, many of them don't know this feature, even they don't realize it exists until they are well versed in HTML. In particular, when someone wants to steal the images, on his desktop, he can have a right click on the image and select to Inspect Elements. From there, they easily find the image source and get the image.

Why should we disable right click on Images only?

If you want to disable right clicking over the site completely, it is totally possible to do that. It sounds ok, but this is not an optimal idea. Why not? It's annoying. You are not aware of how frequent you use the right click until you can't use it! Lots of useful features are available in the right-click menu. Obviously, even these features are also included in the browser menu; this is the closest way for you to access them.

How to disable right click on Images only?

The easiest way is to use a plugin. In this article, we have chosen some useful free plugins that will give you a hand to disable the right click effectively.

1. No Right Click Images Plugin

This plugin uses JavaScript to change the right click action on the image and disable the context menu. By this way, this plugin helps prevent your site from casual image theft via interpreting HTML or digging into the browser cache.

It is impossible to stop someone who wants to steal images on your website; however, at least, this plugin can help in making it a little harder at least.

2. WP Protect Copy Protection & No Right Click

This WP Protect Copy Protection & No Right Click provides you full options to protect your content, images, homepage or CSS. No one can right click images or even use the keyboard short keys like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on your site if you want. Also, this plugin allows you to add alert messages to notify the visitors.

3. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a powerful plugin to show up your image galleries. Besides, to provide its customers with everything they need, this plugin offers lots of amazing add-ons including Protection Add-on – an effective tool to disable right click on images. All you have to do is having a premium account to access and install this add-on. Then, it will be automatically enabled for all your newly created galleries.

 Those are the ways we disable right click on images. It can be said that this is the simplest and most popular defense to keep your images safety or at least make it more difficult to steal your images on your website.

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