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How to Unlock Article, Module or Menu in Joomla

Why sometimes we cannot edit an item in the Admin Panel? And how to overcome this situation? Today in this article, we will help you to solve this problem easily just after a few clicks.

1. Why is the item locked?

When a User opens an item like article, module or menu item for editing and never finish the session or close properly, it will be locked. Therefore, other Users are not able to edit it.

2. How to unlock the item?

To unlock the items, you can go to System → Global Check-in from the drop-down menus. Selecting this menu option allows Super Admin to perform a global check-in of all currently pending or locked items. It then shows the results of the Global Check-in and then releases all such items.

Here, Super User can choose the item and click button Check-in at the top left to unlock the selected ones.

If you want to unlock just one article, module or menu item, you can go to the Article Manager or Module Manager or Menu Managerto unlock it.

All you need is choose the item with locked icon and then click on the Check-in button at the top. Now, you can edit it.

3. Precaution

Before you perform the Global Check-in, please make sure that no one is busy editing any items. When a Global Check-in is done, all items are checked in, including those currently being edited.

After these step, we hope that there is no need for you to worry about the unchangeable situation any more.

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