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How To Update Nicanian II From V1.5 To V2.0

You are using Nicanian II version 1.5 which is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Now, you would like to update it to Nicanian II version 2.0 to have a chance to approach new functionalities.

However, you are confused in finding out how to upgrade Nicanian II in the fastest way. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the way to update Nicanian II easily.

With simple steps and illustrative images, we believe that it is easy for you to understand about the process of updating.

Step 1: You will download Nicanian II version 2.0 package and extract it

anh dau

Step 2: After you complete to download and install package.

You will go to Extension-> Extension Manager to upload and install component, plug in, template and module on your Template.

anh hai

Step 3: When you upload and install successfully, you will configure Tz Full Slider Module, Tz Video Full Slider Module, Template, and Com Tz Portfolio.

  •  Configure Tz Full Slider Module: You will configure in Basic options and Slide options.

           Basic Options

anh basic fullslider

    Slide Options

anh thay the

  •      Configure Tz Video Full Slider Module:

basic bideo slider

  •  Configure Template: You will configure Theme and Font




anh 2 font

  •  Configure Com Tz Portfolio: You go to Component -> Tz Portfolio to configure.

anh 2 font

I hope that above simple steps will be useful for updating Nicanian II. Now, let's try and get new experiences with new version.

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