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How To Use Comment in TZ Portfolio

How To Use Comment in TZ Portfolio

As you know TZ Portfolio is a Content Manager System which works on database of Com_content.

However, TZ Portfolio is more complete than com_content. With all useful functions that it inherits from com_content, TZ Portfolio also owns two features about Interface: Portfolio and Timeline. One special feature in TZ Portfolio is Comment System which will display on Blog or Portfolio Page.

1: TZ Portfolio Comment System's function

Comment System in TZ Portfolio supports you importing comment in each article.
TZ Portfolio has 3 comment types; Facebook, Jcomment and Disqus Comment

2: How to configure comment in TZ Portfolio

Facebook Comment

Firstly, I would like to give you an instruction on the way to use Facebook comment
You only go to Administrator/TZ Portfolio/Option/Social Network

After that you choose "Facebook" in Comment Type, you can see below image


Jcomment Type
Secondly, I would like to guide you on how to use Jcomment in TZ Portfolio
If you want to use Jcomment, you need to download Jcomment component
You can go to this address to download

When you download successfully, you will go to Extensions to upload and install this component.

upload and installing
After finish installing, you will use Jcomment for your site and you can see it display in your site


Disqus comment

Thirdly, you will have a chance to learn about how to use Disqus comment
With this comment, you need import short name and secret key.

To get short name and secret key, you should:
• Short name: You go to and login/setting

short name

• Secret key: You also login/API/Application

11-16-2013 11-21-51 AM

After you choose Disqus Comment Type, you can see:

disqus comment


We have just given you some simple steps that help you configure comment in TZ Portfolio. If you are looking for the best way to use Comment in TZ Portfolio, you can join us to have new experiences or you is really interested in our post, let enjoy and share with your friend!

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