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[New release] Introduce Goldena - Single Property Joomla template and Jollyany 3.3.2

Today, I would like to introduce a new item that has recently been released, it's Goldena. This is a beautiful and creative single property Joomla template specially developed for Single Property, Building Services, Building Business & all kinds of real estate websites. Goldena comes with all necessary material and easy-to-use functions for a real estate website, which will help to popularize your brand name out there rapidly.

100% responsive and mobile friendly

Being fully responsive and compatible with different devices, the template ensures that your single property website will present a smooth performance and work seamlessly on desktops, tablets, smartphones. And it's also cross-browser compatible, so you can go to the internet with it almost instantly.

Built with Astroid framework

It's easy to use and customize the template with Astroid

Based on a robust and dynamic framework, this responsive and versatile template will help you have an awesome beginning. It's easy to use and customize every corner of the template with a set of powerful theme options including logo, header styles, theme color, social icons, contact info, presets, back to top button and so on. 

4 Home versions and prebuilt inner pages

Basic inner pages for a single property website

Goldena equips you with 4 ready-to-use home variations, which helps you easily to pick a suitable one and stand out from the masses. Moreover, it was packed with a bunch of well-designed inner pages like Our Services, Contact Us, Gallery, Events, Amenities, Apartments, Blog. Moreover, with the readiness of drag & drop page builder, you can create a striking online web presence with just a snap of a finger.

Property additional details

Each property comes with extra fields, gallery, video, and additional features

Thanks to the great support of TZ Portfolio+ extension, you're able to manage to create a lot of additional features highlighting important information about each property. Custom extra fields, a beautiful gallery based on Gallery Content add-on, detailed property features based on Feature Box add-on, and property's video with Video content add-on. Therefore, you can make good use of them to present stunning apartments with virtual images and floor plan showcase in detail.

Starting a real estate blog with Joomla content and EasyBlog

Building a professional real estate blog with Joomla and EasyBlog

Developing a consumer-focused blog on a real estate website is very crucial because it will give clients a great pulse on what's going on in housing and rental markets, what they're supposed to invest in, how new legislation will affect homeowners, or even knowing about tips on avoiding common real estate mistake, do and don't things to be a master in rental property ...
Goldena is perfectly compatible with Joomla content and EasyBlog, which both provide a professional outlook and make your blog outstanding. 

Spread out real estate events globally

Built-in events options integrated with Joomla content

When it comes with Goldena, you'll see built-in event options integrated into Joomla content. Therefore, it's easy to manage and control all of the elements like a countdown, event location, phone number, map, the number of guests, and even a call-to-action button. 

When in need of a Joomla template for a single property or any real estate purpose, Goldena is a great name that you're supposed to consider to start the business. Here above is just a small percentage of all the awesome features that the template offers you. Let's discover to see what's more comes included!

Release Jollyany 3.3.2

Besides the release of the new template Goldena, we have also made an update for the Jollyany template. In version 3.3.2, Jollyany performs tons of improvements, new addons added to page builder, and bug-fixes for some known issue. On top of that, Jollyany 3.3.2 has already been included with Goldena template which is introduced above. So if you're interested in this beautiful template, join Jollyany's club today to experience not only Goldena, but other awesome templates. 

**Changelog Jollyany 3.3.2**

New topic

  • [new topic] GoldenA - Single Property Joomla Template added


  • [improve] Improve performance for Admin Template Options
  • [improve] Move Page builder addon to Jollyany Library
  • [improve] Improve Framework Language
  • [improve] Add logo template in admin-panel
  • [improve] Improve style of Course Tab

New addons

  • [new addon] Tiny Slider addon for Page Builder
  • [new addon] Video Button addon for Page Builder
  • [new addon] Testimonial addon for Page Builder
  • [new addon] Social Follow addon for Page Builder
  • [new addon] Feature Section addon for Page Builder


  • [update] Linearicons font update
  • [update] Joomla 3.9.24 updated
  • [update] SP Page Builder 3.7.9
  • [update] Jollyany Framework v1.5.3


  • [fixbug] Fix error 500 when new Content article
  • [fixbug] Submenu color in sidebar mode
  • [fixbug] Fixed issue save preset
  • [fixbug] Fixed issue load countdown js
  • [fixbug] Fix issue display Logo sidebar collapsed

Hope you enjoy this version. Feel free to contact and give us your feedback about Goldena and Jollyany 3.3.2, we're happy to hear your thoughts. Any reported issues will be addressed and solved as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support!