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Introduce Lefala - Hikashop eCommerce Joomla template

Today I'm so pleased to introduce Lefala - an awesome Joomla template intentionally designed for eCommerce websites. If you're planning to build your own site to sell products relating to fashion, decor, automobile, e-books, computing, or whatever, this template gets you completely covered. The fact that online shopping is on the rise, especially in the years of pandemics. As a result, looking for an eCommerce solution for your business is totally essential.

Based on one of the best eCommerce Joomla platforms, Lefala will give you a hand in not only establishing an eye-catching online store but also powering your brand awareness. 

Highlight Features

  • Responsive design
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.9.x & Joomla 4
  • Bootstrap 5 Compatible
  • Latest Astroid Framework 2.5.12
  • UI Kit Styles
  • Hikashop Compatible
  • SP Page Builder pro included
  • Advanced Mega Menu
  • Dynamic product filter
  • Premade Product layouts & Shop layouts
  • Add-to-cart styles
  • eCommerce dedicated blogs
  • RTL Support
  • Currency Switcher
  • Sticky header, Off-canvas menu

Fully responsive and mobile optimized

Lefala comes with a fully responsive design that fits all devices from large desktops to mobile phones. We're well aware that mobile-first design is the way to go, especially in the eCommerce industry. The fact that the number of digital buyers keeps climbing every year makes mobile design be one of the most crucial requirements in developing a website.

In 2021, smartphones accounted for almost 70 percent of all retail website visits worldwide, although desktop and tablet visits generated higher conversion rates in 2020.

by Statista

Shop layouts

There are 5 premade shop layouts available with Lefala. You will be easily able to showcase your product page with one of these:
  • Image and title: display both product image and product title
  • Hover image and title: display product title and enable the ability to see all product images by hovering on thumbnail images
  • Fade: Enable the fade animation on thumbnail product images
  • Image and description: show product image and intro description
  • Image: display product image without title or description

Single Product Layouts

Lefala offers you several prebuilt product layouts, providing many options to create single product layouts and describe product features in a different way.

  • Default layout: displaying product details in a default Hikashop layout
  • Tabular layout: consisting of different tabs on the product page
  • Custom Options: allowing users to select desired options of a product
  • Reverse layout: displaying the opposite of the default layout
  • Variants Mix: showing a combination of different product variants

Advanced product filters

It's time to get rid of a time-consuming process in building product filters. The template gives merchants the ability to easily set up dynamic filters based on the attributes of the products. Your customers are now able to apply instant filtering by check-marking on product categories, prices, and brands. 

Built-in Mega Menu

Thanks to Astroid framework, you'll be able to easily customize the top menu right off the menu settings in the admin panel. It allows you to add modules as well as regular submenu items, just making use of drag & drop functionality to manage the mega menu structure.

Splendid Blog Space

Building a dedicated blog page will engage more customers to your website. This is a helpful way to tell them about your shop, team member, products, corporate values, sharing useful articles with a variety of blog styles including default blog, sidebar blog, column blog, image left/right blog. 

  • Writing product tips, or reviews
  • Informing discounts, special offers, and important announcements
  • Sharing interesting articles to engage visitors on your blog

In short, creating an eCommerce website has never been easy with Lefala Joomla template. Powered by Hikashop inside, as well as an all-in-one design, this is a perfect item providing everything you need for an online store. Above are just some of the tons of features that Lefala offers you. Let's discover and start to promote your products online today with Lefala!