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LifeMag Template – A Brief Introduction

LifeMag Template – A Brief Introduction

Are you searching for a Joomla template to build your own magazine? Let experience our LifeMag. We are sure that this great template can bring you a strong sense of satisfaction thanks to its stunning interface and features.

LifeMag is a clean, modern but user-friendly Joomla 3.x template which is typically created for online magazine with 5 elegant home versions, various categories, different pages suitable for particular sections of a magazine, detailed About Us page and many other extra pages.

Owning a range of cutting-edge and out-standing features, this template surely makes your website amazing, attractive and impressive. LifeMag, a responsive Joomla template, built on Plazart Framework has a strong support for HTML5 and CSS3.

With a stunning beauty, fashionable, clean look and proper execution and making use of Plazart Framework, K2, TZ Twitter Widget, TZ Flickr Stream, SJ Social Media Counter, LifeMag will help you to create an awesome website.


1. Home page

With 5 Home Page Versions, including Home Video, Home Fashion, Home Tech, Home Sport and Home RTL, LifeMag can surely make your site become more impressive and unique.

Home Fashion


Home Video

2. Different Pages for a Magazine’s Sections

LifeMag features the exact characteristics for a magazine site with different pages appropriate for sections of a magazine for users to exploit such as Page Fashion, Page Tech, Page Travel, etc.

3. Various Category Styles

For this template, there are various categories for users to choose, including column with grid and list styles, side bar with 2 side bar, left side bar and right side bar styles, style with left and right style, category advanced and single post.

4. Unlimited Theme Colors

LifeMag features various theme colors for users to choose to their favour. The following colors are the typical ones that we have chosen: Dark Blue, Blue, Gold and Red.

4. Many Pages for Joomla’s Basic Functions

LifeMag has a range of pages for Joomla basic functions such as Login, Joom Remind User, Joomla Blog, Joom Newfeeds, etc. These pages will complete your site and make it more convenient and user-friendly.

5. Clean Blog Page

Users can create a clean and beautiful blog page easily with some simple configurations.

6. Contact Page

This page will help you introduce your website as well as other information to your visitors and guests. You can also display your office address as other contact info so that your guests can find it easily.

7. Many Extra Pages

Besides the main pages, LifeMag template supports style for lots of pages such as Coming Soon, 404 Page, About Us, etc. This feature perfects this awesome work and will complete your site as well.


We hope that you will welcome our LifeMag and gain exciting experience with this awesome template!

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