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Plazart Framework

You are interested in Technology Information and Communication. You would like to create a new Template. Welcome you to Plazart Framework.

With hope is to help users have a chance to approach to Joomla Template. That’s why we developed Plazart Framework which was created based on T3 Framework. Plazart Framework is a Joomla Template Framework and available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

plazart frame

Coming to Plazart Framework, both developer and user will get many benefits

For Users:

Users can be easy to optimize website style and layout.

Users will have a chance to create profiles that they want. In addition, users can also change and restore old styles of Template easily.

ảnh Profile 1

For Developers:

Plazart Framework helps developer create a new Template in the fast way and add many options, such as Theme, Font, Advanced Settings, Navigation, and Social API

About Theme:

  • checkThere is an “option” to change logo, style, and favicon image for Template.
  • checkDeveloper can add “option” in Template’s color and background.
  • checkPlazart Framework also has the system of layout. This will be easy to change page width and sidebar


About Advanced Settings:

  • checkWith this option, the developer can compress files Css and support website loading quickly.
  • checkWith “Custom.Css” option, the developer can change template’s Css.


About Font: Plazart Framework supports 3 types of font; Google Font, Squirrel Font and Adobe Edge Font. The developer can change or add new font for Template.


About Social API: Social API is a system of network that supports social facebook such as; like or sent button in Twitter, Pinterest page.


About Navigation: The developer can use Megamenu with some useful characteristics, for example; creating submenu and group, inserting module and menu.


With Plazart Framework’s support, creating a new Template is easy for you to do. Plazart Framework provides users with useful options which help you develop a new Joomla Template. Let’s visit us to get new experiences. I believe that you will feel satisfied with functionalities that Plazart Framework brings to you.

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