Scored 2 new invitations from Dribbble

Dribbble is essentially a social networking platform for designers where they can share shots, rebounds and feedback on design concepts. Last year I was really excited to send invitation to Mr Pham Ha and Mr Hieu Dao who make me fall in love with their designs.

Today, I have been given 2 more invitations to offer. So it would be an honour for me to give these chances to 2 designers, who has some brilliant designs. So if you are a great designer with some amazing skills, drop a link to your folio in the comments and I will send the invitations ASAP.

dribbble invite


Hey all,

Thanks for sharing all your nice portfolios with me.
I just drafted Aldo Cervantes Saldaña and PlazaThemes who impressed me with their design.

Congrats and welcome to Dribbble!