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Simple Tips to Write Successful Blog Posts and Attract More Readers

Blog is now an essential marketing tool of any company's website that holds the key to the success of your marketing. Without it, your SEO will tank thus starting and maintaining a blog is definitely rewarding. It helps to engage your readers on topics that are important to them and increase the SEO content that makes your website more attractive to search engines.

So how can you write a good blog? Here are a few of the guidelines I want to share in this post:

1. Start with a working topic

Before starting to write anything, you need to pick up a topic for you post. To do this, you had better have a clear understanding of your target audience. What do they want to know about and what will interest them? These questions will help you to find out their demand and you might come up with a trending topic that is relevant to your readers.

Also, you need to focus your blog on a topic that you are be passionate about. When you launch a post about something that you care about, you’re promoting it effectively.

Locating trending topics can be easily done by reading about the websites and blog pages on a weekly basis and conducting quick searches a few times a week to keep a good collection of relevant, trending topics on file.

2. Use a good title

Attention-grabbing title is one of the best ways to create impression and drive a post’s popularity and success. The words you use in the title of the post not only contribute to how search engines ranks your blog post but also impact the way your reader interact with your article. A good title will capture their attention, make them stop at your post when surfing web and interest them to read the content of your post that you have pour time and energy into.

An effective titleshould be short, sweet and to the point because this kind of title is good for Search Engines – keep it no more than 40 characters that will ensure the whole title appears in search results.

Titles should describe what readers will get something useful in the main post, which show readers that they will learn how to solve a problem or need that they might have. As I mentioned above, titles are a powerful part of search results, thus it needs to contain one keyword that help your post to be found easily.

3. Make your intro paragraph captivating

A catchy title helps to make your audience to click through. However, your intro paragraph will be a determined factor to keep them reading your post. If you lose the reader in the first few sentences the introduction, they will stop reading before they give your post a fair view and comment. So you can grab the reader's attention at the opening paragraph by some ways: use a story or a joke, be empathetic, or grip the reader with an interesting fact or statistic.

Then, you mention the purpose of the post and explain how it will address your reader's problem and promise them a solution. This will give the reader a reason to keep reading and >strong>give them a connection or suggestion to how it will help them improve their work.

4. Build your post well formatted content

A good blog is not only about words but also how it is organized in an appealing style. Sometimes, your post have a lot of information to share, you need to break content into small paragraphs so readers are not intimidated by the length or amount of content, but make sure that you use paragraphs that make sense and reasonable.

Each paragraph should have a main idea or a main subject that is grasped in only one sentence. If you need more sentences, you simply need more paragraphs. Some other tricks for organization of content that you can use: sections, lists, tips …

5. Take advantage of the impact of good images

Images always have a power to communicate and express in ways that words cannot, thus using them is a simple technique to add more interest in your posts. The images you use might illustrate and stand out a point you’re trying to make. And it cannot deny that visual image will be easy to make readers pause to take a second look at and stay in their mind longer.

In other word, images will make a big difference for what you write by strengthening your message and content you want to highlight.

6. Make your blog post SEO-Friendly

After finishing your post, make sure that the information you share is informed, educated and published widely in search results. To get closer to your readers, you need to market it via engine search such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing…

We recommend a few things that you can follow to help your blog post get listed higher ranking in search results: add related posts and "previous" and "next" post links at the end of all your blog posts, add social sharing buttons, vary your title article and title tag and make content easier to find by classifying posts into categories.

In hopes of sharing some knowledge with my readers, I have listed some techniques I’ve learnt about blog writing above. Now I believe that all you guy get to know how to start a successful blog post.

What other helpful strategies do you have for this topic? Which ones have I missed? Let me know in the comments section below. We would love to hear your comments!

Thanks all guy for reading!

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