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Some Reasons Why You Should Join in TemPlaza Clubs

Some Reasons Why You Should Join in TemPlaza Clubs

TemPlaza team is specialized on providing WordPress Theme and Joomla Template.You can feel free to choose your themes which are suitable for your needs.

One more special thing in TemPlaza site is that clubs which contain WordPress memberships and Joomla memberships. Joining our WordPress and Joomla clubs will give you a chance to get access to all our current and new themes with special support from our support team. This means you will have big savings when you join clubs instead of single theme or template.

In TemPlaza site, you will see Joomla clubs and WordPress Clubs:

Joomla Clubs: Personal Joomla, Business Joomla, Lifetime Joomla, Developer Joomla
WordPress Clubs: Personal WordPress, Business WordPress, Lifetime WordPress, Developer WordPress.
Each membership clubs brings you many benefits. Below are some benefits as well as reasons why you should join in OUR CLUBS right now!


Just one click to sign up one of membership clubs, you will be able to get and download all THEMES or TEMPLATES.

Some 1


Yes, this is real. With Lifetime membership, you can use all themes/templates and get updates in unlimited time. All of our clubs, 4 months is at least for Personal membership. Business and Developer club are 12 months.

some 2

3: Get UPDATES versions of themes or templates

We are always focused on updating and improving our products. So, when we release any versions of products, you can get that update in the easy way.

some 3

4: PSD Sources

If you are a member in TemPlaza site, you will be able to get all PSD source. This means you will feel free to get PSD source on our site to customize your own site.

some 4


With this service, you can remove our logo or brand and use your brand instead.

some 5

6: Get FAST Support

When you are a membership in our TemPlaza site, you will get support from Support Team. This means you have any questions or problem during using our product, you can feel free to send email or create tickets. Our supporter will check and help you solve it as soon as possible.

some 6

7: Discounting of for RENEWAL

You are Business or Developer membership, but it is expired and you want to renew it to continue using it. Please try it right now because you will DISCOUNTING 20% for BUSINESS club renewal and 30$ for DEVELOPER club.

some 7


You are looking for a discounting for clubs to sign up? You need only click like our FANPAGE, you will get this discounting when you sign up one of membership clubs.

some 8

That's all you want to give you. Now, don't hesitate anymore. Let’s sign up right now to become our membership and get all wonderful above. Welcome you to TemPlaza!


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