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2015 https://www.templaza.com/blog/tags/2015.html Tue, 05 Dec 2023 02:14:49 +0700 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb A Collection of WordPress Themes in 2015 Year https://www.templaza.com/blog/a-collection-wordpress-themes-in-2015-year.html https://www.templaza.com/blog/a-collection-wordpress-themes-in-2015-year.html Dear all our beloved customers!

Firstly, On behalf of TemPlaza team I would like to give you big thanks because of your great support during past years.

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TemPlaza Joomla! Template Collection 2015 https://www.templaza.com/blog/templaza-joomla-template-collection-2015.html https://www.templaza.com/blog/templaza-joomla-template-collection-2015.html A new year is coming and today, we will have a look back at our Joomla Template 2015 Collection together. We hope that our works this year has helped you to bright your sites.

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10 Stunning Magazine Joomla! Templates in 2015 https://www.templaza.com/blog/10-stunning-magazine-joomla-templates-in-2015.html https://www.templaza.com/blog/10-stunning-magazine-joomla-templates-in-2015.html For Joomla! users, it is a common knowledge that a template forms the backbone of a website. For news and magazine in particular, the sites need to be attractive and easy-to-use to take and keep readers’ attention. Accordingly, it is important to choose the right magazine templates for your sites.

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