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Top 10 CSS Code Editors for Coders

In this article, we are thrilled to introduce our customers – especially developers several CSS Code Editors which help more ease and flexibility within your coding process and speed up your workflow.

With the assistance of these CSS Editors, the coders can preview the changes almost instantaneously and have a firsthand impression about how the webpage will display, and also the effect it will show on your template. This is very important before embedding it into your specific code.

1. TopStyle

Appeared first in this list, TopStyle is one of the best and simple css editors. It is a styling utility that allows coders to view, edit validate style sheets in Html, Xhtml and CSS file types. One of its common features is to give a list of all the selectors in a column. It is also helpful to compare your CSS syntax against other browser with a side-by-side comparative view. Users can style their webpage or stylesheets in the colors and backgrounds that they like.


2. CSS3 Please

You will feel much easier and more comfortable if you use Css3 Please for customizing your coding. The editor offers an instant preview your code on the box at the right side by toggling it on - off and copy-and-paste right into your own stylesheets. CSS3 Please may well change your way of editing and developing CSS code.


3. Emmet

If you are in type of work where it is productive to quickly and smartly create standard websites or where you need to edit css, Emmet tool is for you. It truly helps coders in instantly expanding simple abbreviations into complex code snippets. It is a must-have web developer toolkit that makes your CSS or HTML coding workflow much faster. I’m sure that you will love Emmet when you use it in your workflow.


4. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most well-known professional WYSIWYG web developer tools. An Indian friend has recommended it to me, and I know that his choice is reasonable because of its support for a great number of scripting languages (PHP, ASP, CSS and more), Adobe Dreamweaver becomes the powerful and fully featured code editor. It provides users with ability to edit the code directly in the scripting window and to see the changes in the WYSIWYG editor and help them to avoid errors and which allows them to easily experiment with different sets of code.


5. Espresso

This amazing CSS editor is for Mac only. It has all features you'd expect from a capable code editor for Mac IOS X such as: the live preview, the css navigation pane, code snippets, code folding and the smooth making of css editing workflow. Besides, it will automatically sync your code with your server and even quick publish changes. Write the CSS code manually or let your Espresso editor help you to do it!


6. UltraEdit

Easily editing CSS, HTML, CSS syntax highlighting, brace-matching, code folding, css-style parsing in the function list… within UltraEdit’s preview, UltraEdit is everything you need to hand-code a website. This editor has features you won't find anywhere else, which can greatly improve your editing experience or ability to fix bugs and add new features.


7. Dabblet

Dabblet is another fast and user-friendly editor for HTML and CSS only. What makes me impressed about Dabblet is its split into three tabs: CSS & Result, HTML & Result and Result, which provides flexibility and focus on what you are currently doing. But perhaps the nicest feature of the editor is that Dabblet can save all of your work to GitHub gists. This both makes sharing your work with others easier and ensures that you will still keep your data on GitHub in case Dabblet doesn’t exist someday.


8. CSS Lint

CSS Lint will amaze developers by its basic syntax checking and applying a set of rules to the code that look for potential inefficiencies and errors. It lets you know that some of the areas may have errors. You merely paste in your source CSS and choose which rules you'd like enforced. Click the lint button and CSSLint will start eroding your codebase. Then, developers can get the feedback every time they commit code and help them fix problems. It cannot deny that Css Lint is a great tool to control your code.


9. Thimble

If you’re going to start with the basics of CSS or HTML, it would be so much easier with Thimble from Mozilla. This particular editor is perfect for beginners who write and edit HTML and CSS. Thimble editor offers simple tools like the syntax hints helper, spell checker, preview and text sizes… The strong point of this tool is that mistakes or broken code are highlighted. Students will find it easy and quick to fix errors and self correct their own page.


10. jsFiddle

Among popular editors at the moment, jsFiddle is one amazing tool that once you dig into it, you may never want to look at any of the other options again. The editor allows building and editing HTML, CSS and even JavaScript. jsFiddle displays the code and syntax highlights and also executes its code within the browser for better debugging. Coders will surely fall in love with this smart editor.


I hope that the 10 CSS code editors I list above will meet your editing needs, you might consider using them. Tell us in the comment section below, or simply let our readers know which editor that you would recommend to others? And if you have any other programs you like better, let us know!

Thanks all guys for reading ;)

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