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Top 7 Joomla SEO Extensions

When planning to make a new website perfectly, it is worth spending some time to have a look at some SEO extensions to ensure your site optimize in search engines. Because every day, every hour, hundreds of new site are created, and your site has not showed on search engines, this will be a failure for your new-born site, nobody knows about it. And Joomla sites also are not an exception.

Here are some useful Joomla extensions for SEO that help your site be well populated in big search engines.

1. Easy Frontend SEO


Easy Frontend SEO - EFSEO is a free Joomla SEO Extension that allows you to edit and add important meta information (title, description, keywords, generator and robots) conveniently and manually in the frontend and backend. This tool is simple to install and really a useful timesaver. It is impressed by a lot of users with its functionality and usability. The way it adjusts and puts descriptions directly in the frontend with popup or panel makes user satisfied.

2. JoomSEF


If you want your website’s URL is given the high rank placement in search results such as: Google, Yahoo and Bing, just try on downloading this awesome “JoomSEF”. The component is like a “herbal tonic” for Joomla SEO. JoomSEF basically helps in making the URL’s easily user-friendly and searchable, managing site meta tags, customizing 404 page… This plugin will take some hours to understand all features, but after that, it will be very flexible and easy to adjust it. Don’t hesitate to discover this remarkable extension.

3. SH404SEF


SH404SEF is probably the most popular Joomla SEO extension. It was created to support for all Joomla versions. I warmly recommend you the amazing component that offers significant SEO features such as rewriting the URLs to be in a friendly format, controlling the characters, avoiding duplicate content, inserting H1, H2 and redirecting error pages: 301 redirect, 404 errors. If you try to handle with this plugin, you might find it a little bit difficult but be patient, you will feel it handy and organized.

4. SEOSimple


This plugin is broadly recommended for those who are new to SEO because it is really simple to set up and use. It offers a wide range of functionality, including the ability to change the meta-description automatically by taking a customizable length of text from the content. Also, you can show and customize your website's title tag flexibly in many different ways. The new added feature for the latest version is the ability to set ROBOTS Meta "no-index, follow" for category pages, which helps you to avoid duplicate content penalties. For users, the extension works like a charm.

5. SEO Keyword Factory


With the capability like providing you with keywords rich URLs, this useful tool helps your site easily be found on search engines. It creates the SEO link automatically with Google, Yahoo and Bing integration that lead to your page. The excellent free tool also becomes more and more popular amongst website makers because it increases your number of Google hits on specific keywords.

6. Xmap


Creating a map for your Joomla site is a trend these days. And Xmap is a good and reliable component for you. It is one of the best extensions for sitemaps which enable you to create a map in your site basing on the menustructure to get Google index working quickly and properly. Xmap appears basic and simple, but it gets effective for visitors and search engines that want to index your site.

7. Joomla Social Share and Vote button


Last but not least, Social Share and Vote button is an essential extension for SEO effort. It contains social share or vote button in your articles and contents. By covering almost all social networks which let visitors click them to share, vote and like your articles, this helpful tool supports in increasing your content's popularity in social networks.

Those are some beneficial SEO extensions for Joomla websites. Using them is a common way to make your site be well-known in search engines and also advertise your website’s self-branding. Enjoy this article and hope that you will get some useful knowledge about the topic! And if you have any ideas, please leave your comments, I am very glad to hear that from you all.

Thanks all guys for reading ;-)

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