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Top 7 Powerful Joomla Template Frameworks 2020

Choosing a Joomla template framework is concerned as an important thing for any web developer because it not only provides you with fundamental functionalities but also brings you the flexibility to create custom designs and then speed up the development process. Without template frameworks, you'll have to keep an eye on all modifications made before or even your custom code may be gone when the template is updated. Generally speaking, it'll be time-wasting and troublesome for development and maintenance.
This article presents the list of top 7 powerful Joomla template frameworks that will help webmasters smoothly boost template developments.

Astroid Framework

Astroid is an awesome framework developed by JoomDev. For both designers and developers, it has become a powerful framework to build responsive, modern, beautiful websites. It's compatible with Bootstrap 4, which offers you a responsive layout and helps your website look stunning on various devices. Moreover, other amazing features like drag & drop layout builder, mega menu builder, header variations.
Astroid's intuitive admin panel allows users to tinker with layout, color palettes, header modes, miscellaneous and much more.


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Helix Ultimate Framework 

Helix framework, developed by Joomshaper, is perhaps the most well-known Joomla template framework in the market thanks to its versatility and flexibility. One of the things making it so powerful is that it's perfectly integrated with #1 drag & drop SP page builder, which helps to ease your efforts in building sites without coding.

It comes with outstanding features that a good framework must have like responsive layout, mega menu builder, header variations, intuitive admin panel, SEO optimized, CSS & Javascript Compression, cross-browser compatible, and many others. It also allows you to easily edit the logo, menu, color right off your backend. It's easy to use and time-saving for not only novices but developers to get acquainted with the Helix framework.

Gantry Framework

Developed by RocketTheme, Gantry is a modern, powerful and easy to use Joomla template framework which is built on top of a powerful web interface. Thanks to the CSS & JS file compression, your website built with Gantry will be so fast and lightweight.
Gantry allows you to tweak any aspect of the template like colors, fonts, layouts, background images and much more without touching a code. Being integrated with LESS, web developers will find it so excited to know this feature supported by Gantry. There is no place for doubt about the responsiveness because the framework is built with Boostrap. Gantry framework uses the latest web technologies like HTML 5 and SCSS3. If you have no background in coding, don't worry, every web user can make use of Gantry to build their own website with ease.

JSN Sun Framework

JSN Sun Framework is a modern and flexible Joomla template framework used to develop sites for just about any niche. It's designed for not only developers but non-developers who aren't familiar with coding. It offers a powerful layout builder, mega menu builder, rich built-in elements, responsive design, SEO optimization, GDPR compliance, social integration ... Besides, Sun framework also supports JSN PageBuilder.

It doesn't matter who you are, a user or developer. The sample data helps you to bring "demo" look to your website just by one single click.

JA T4 Framework

T4 is a modern, flexible and highly customizable Joomla framework that will be a great tool to develop awesome websites ever. This framework has packed with a lot of advanced features that definitely blow your mind.
Above all, T4 is already compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. When it comes to its admin panel, you'll see the difference in design with new UI and better UX, compared to T3 framework. The powerful layout builder has not only module position, but component, bock, and element options, that helps you create the layout easily. Moreover, whatever you want to customize like module, colors, heading, typography, T4 makes it just matter on clicks.
Besides, T4 framework also supports CSS & JS compression, SEO optimization, custom code, responsive design. By using the latest technologies like Bootstrap 4, SASS, Front awesome, T4 will promisingly bring you a dedicated solution for not only web users but developers also.

Wright Framework 

Wright framework is based on most popular mobile-first Bootstrap library which not only makes your templates and websites look beautiful on any device but brings an awesome responsive experience to your visitors. It's easy to customize the layout and design whether you know HTML and CSS or not.
Based on Wright framework, your templates and websites is SEO optimized and fully compatible with 3rd extensions. It also helps you to cache and compress CSS files in order to boost the loading speed, and improve SERPs.

Vertex Framework

The last but not least in this list of powerful frameworks in the market is Vertext. When it comes to Vertex, you'll be impressed by its flexibility and amazing features like S5 Flex menu, Column widths, Page width, tooltips, info slides, file compression, responsive options, color pickers, and much more. Vertex gives you full control over your template with a friendly backend interface. The responsive design gives your templates a beautiful performance on different devices. The framework also offers so many module positions and unlimited layouts. Being integrated with the powerful Flex menu system, Vertex provides you with the possibility to create a beautiful menu beyond the standard one that Joomla offers.

These above Joomla template frameworks are awesome and have their own unique features, so you can make use of them to develop amazing websites or templates in a professional way. And now the decision is yours. Give them a try to find out which one is the best suitable for your needs, and don't forget to leave us your comment.