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Top leading web design trends in 2020

Design trends keep changing over years because it's easy come, as well as easy go. A new year is coming close. We need to look ahead, and keep updated to the trends in order to freshen the way we design our websites. Don't be left far behind the trends.

Guess what will dominate web design trends in 2020? Today I would like to name out some awesome styles that certainly help your website stand out from the crowd​.

  • Mobile-first and responsiveness
  • Dark theme
  • 3D technology
  • Abstract illustrations
  • Split screen content
  • Minimalism
  • Bold typography and elements

Mobile-first and responsiveness 

Mobile-first and responsiveness are important for SEO

Every website owner always expects to have their website ranked with high position in search engine like Google. If so, you'd better pay a close attention to the concept "mobile-first" that Google has announced that "Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking". But why?
Today, people tend to search everything on mobile devices and more than 90% of their mobile searches are processed by Google. As a result, Web designers shouldn't ignore Google's mobile-first algorithm which certainly has a huge impact on the way you design your websites.
Additionally, responsiveness, the ability to automatically adapt to different screen sizes is one of crucial factors evaluating your website's quality.

Dark theme

Dark theme is good for UX
Dark theme helps focus the content

Making use of dark mode for your website can bring out such unexpected benefits. user interface absolutely changes from light to dark, which makes your content stay focused. For user experience, it's better for human eyes when lingering on the dark theme website, rather than light version. Additionally, dark theme website is also beneficial for device's battery, especially when people tend to go to the internet by using mobile phones. 

3D technology

Applying 3D technology in graphic design is obviously a great way to lively picture flat stuffs, which always attracts people's attention so much. Interactive 3D elements not only have a huge impact on visuals, but for UX that makes your visitors linger longer on your website.

Abstract Illustrations 

As we know, photography is a good choice when you're about to present some thing real, like human beings, physical products. But for abstract subjects, ambitious thinking, or stories, photography can't meet your demand to fully express your ideas. That's the reason why a stunning illustration will get you covered well. When working with illustration, designers are supposed to ensure their works are apparent enough that audiences can understand what they mean.

Split screen content

The trend of split-screen content has grown faster for years and it won't stop evolving in 2020. Many design experts prefer to apply split-screen content into their websites for a number of reasons. But the first thing we must to confirm that it looks so beautiful. 
It's obvious that split screen content pushes users to make choice, highlight vertical images, compatible with mobile devices, stunningly display in responsive format and create a good user experience.


Portfolio minimalism

For designers, it's not an easy job to make many elements in a web page stay in harmony perfectly. So why not to minimize them, but still able to keep the most important content to stand out in forefront.
Minimalism is regarded as an effective way to cut off redundant elements, only focusing on fundamental basics. Therefore, visitors possibly pay much attention to what the web designer tries to aim at.

Bold typography and elements

Enlarging different elements in the website aims at effectively promoting the importance of content, as well as attracting people's attention, for example bold typography, full-screen videos and images, big icons. There is no doubt that making important information bigger than others helps the website more eye-catching, so that visitors have a better understanding about what it's all about.

These above are some leading trends expected to rise in web design 2020. Why not to try them out to see how your works are improved. If you want to share your great works with us, feel free to leave them in comment area.