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How to get access token on Instagram API

In Tutorials By Bao Bui / September 6, 2017

One of reasons you're supposed to get Instagram access token is to display your Instagram albums on our TZ plus gallery - Wordpress plugin , as well as TZ plus gallery - Joomla social gallery. Luckily, it's so easy to obtain it, not really complicated as you have ever thought. Read more

How to install and uninstall Wordpress plugins manually

In Tutorials By Bao Bui / August 24, 2017

Plugins are mainly developed with customed functions and features, so that you can easily tailor sites to specific needs. Most popular Worpress plugins are available in Wordpress plugin Repositoties. On one hand, it's so easy for you to begin installing these plugins in back-end. On the other hand, there are some reasons that you essentially need to install plugins by manual. Read more

How to Fix Bug - Not Saving Joomla Layout

In Tutorials By Thu Huong Iva / March 16, 2017

Recently, it has been revealed that dozens of Joomla users give us questions related to template style without saving after building layout. Read more

Become Top Smart Website With TZ Portfolio Plus + Extrafield Addons

In Tutorials By Thu Huong Iva / January 20, 2017

Your wedsite is the one of the most important Marketing Tool you have.But how can you make it easy for Visitors? Read more

How to Get Facebook Data Access Token for Module TZ Plus Gallery

In Tutorials By Mai / January 18, 2017

What do we need to do to have Facebook Data Access Token? It is not a problem to developer but really a question to the normal users. Read more

How to Create Music Playlist with TZ Portfolio Plus Music Addon

In Tutorials By Thu Huong Iva / December 8, 2016

One of the most impotant Addons used by Tz Porfolio Plus is Music Addon.With Music Addon,Users can create  “Music playlist” to display a list of music. In this Tutorial will help you create this one. Read more

How To Link Posts and Pages to External Links?

In Tutorials By Minh Giang / November 17, 2016

Normally, in WordPress, when you click on the post titles, you will be redirected to the detail posts. However, sometimes, you just want to share a link with your visitors, so that, you may want to link them to this external link. How can you do that? It’s really simple. Read more

How to Delete Joomla’s Forget Username and Forget Password Links?

In Tutorials By Yenqq / August 23, 2016

The login form of Joomla always has the links for Forget Username and Forget Password below. However, if users do not wish to use these functions, there is a way to easily get rid of them. Read more