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How to Add Extra Fields in TZ Portfolio in Joomla!

In Tutorials By Mai / November 26, 2015

TZ Portfolio is an ideal content management system to fulfill all weaknesses of com_content. And today, we will show you how to add extra fields into an article – a great feature of TZ Portfolio. Read more

How to Use Captcha – ReCaptcha Plugin in Joomla! Site

In Tutorials By Yenqq / November 20, 2015

Captcha – ReCaptcha is a plugin which allows you to implement a super security captcha form into web forms. The plugin is designed to prevent automated access to your website by means of math logic and easily understood by human beings. Read more

How to Use TZ Google Maps

In Tutorials By Yenqq / September 1, 2015

TZ Google Maps is a simple module designed to support a variety of features for Google Map such as displaying list address, inputting location image, configuring map color, height, zoom and drag. In this article, we are going to find out how to use module TZ Google Maps. Read more

How to create a Contact Us page

In Tutorials By Nguyen Nhung / August 27, 2015

Not only commercial site but also non-commercial site needs a Contact page because it is one of the best ways to get in touch with website visitors. Wonderfully, Joomla has a default component that allows you to create a simple Contact Us page with just a few clicks. Read more

How to Create a New Position in Joomla Template

In Tutorials By Mai / August 24, 2015

In a Joomla! template, the number of position is always limited. So how can we add more ‘’room’’ for our modules? Well, you will find it easy like a cake after reading this article. Read more

How to Update TemPlaza Joomla! Template

In Tutorials By Mai / July 17, 2015

TemPlaza templates are always updated after being launched for bug fixing, template improvement, additional features and compatibility with the latest version of Joomla. And one of the most common questions from our customers is how to complete this task. Read more

How to Preview Module Position in Joomla Site

In Tutorials By Mai / July 3, 2015

How to preview the module position in a Joomla site? It seems an essential thing when you create a Joomla site, especially for a page with many modules. And in this article, we will show you some steps to preview the module positions in the front end of your Joomla site. Read more

How to Get Support from TemPlaza Feature

In Tutorials By Mai / June 26, 2015

Hi all our dear customers! Thank you very much for having accompanied with us. And today in this post, we will help you to be clear about how to get our Support Service. Read more