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TZ Portfolio- Version 3.1.7

TZ Portfolio- Version 3.1.7

We are very pleased to annouce that new version of TZ Portfolio is released.

Compared to the previous versions, this version of TZ Portfolio ( 3.1.7 ) brings a huge number of advanced features that really put itself to a new vision.

1.New style:

This version of TZ Portfolio completely takes use of default styles from Bootstrap. A very modern but so friendly appearance is formed for all views.

Old version:

style cũ

New version:

style mới

2.Sort by hits:

A new feature added is sort by hits. It is the default in the old versions of sort by date and title, whereas there is available selection to choose what sort you want.

Old vesion:


sort default



hits old


New version:

sort by hits




3.New vote icon style:

Instead of using icon image, version 3.1.7 applies iconmoon for vote icon, creating a convenience for theme making. All configurations are available in plugin Content TZ Portfolio Vote.

Old version:

old vote icon


New version:

new vote icon




4.New options for modules:

For modules: TZ Portfolio Feature Articles, TZ Latest News, TZ Most Popular Articles, more options are offered. Back to previous versions, in these modules, all articles from normal articles, quote articles, link articles appear at the same time. Coming to new friendly version, users can freely choose which articles showed in modules.

Old version:

module tz feature old

New version:

module new

5.More options for category:

To avoid duplicating content which can affect the searching efficency of Search Engines, we give an addition to category options which have not existed before. People now can separatedly choose view for all articles in one category: Blog Article or Portfolio Article, not entirely depending on the global configuration.

Old version:

old category

New version:

category new

6.Scrollbar Options:

We create a new option dedicated to articles using lightbox. This option allows changing the scrollbar style, width and height and so on.

This is the scrollbar option in the new version:


7.Options to change the router name in the Article URLs:

This option is for ones who want to change the router name of URLs. In the old versions, the single article for blog view is set default with the router name " item". That's more flexible now. The name can be changed in admin configuration and can be switched from portfolio view to blog view and vice versa.

Old version:


New version:

 config item




This new version of TZ Portfolio engages to inspire users’ feeling when running into it. Let’s take it now and experience together.

You can download the latest version of TZ Portfolio here

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