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Using Profiles in Nicanian I

Nicanian I is a great Responsive Template, which is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x. In addition, Nicanian I also has three profiles; Homepage, Portfolio, and Blog that support you using layout for your Template.

However, some users have difficulties in using these profiles while working with Nicanian I Template. This is reason why we give you this guide which helps you use three profiles in the easy way.

In order to configure these 3 profiles, you go to Administrator -> Template Manager-> Tz- Nicanian Default. After that, you will configure each profile.

anh dau tien

1: For Homepage Profile

With this profile, you can see that your screen is full http://demo.templaza.com/joomla-template/2012/nicanian
You will choose menu and then choosing "home page" profile for that menu. Your layout will be full screen style when you select this profile.


Moreover, your website's footer will be "fixed" if you choose Homepage profile.


2: For Portfolio

Like Homepage profile, your layout will be full screen when choosing Portfolio profile.This is demo that you can see http://demo.templaza.com/joomla-template/2012/nicanian.If you would like to configure Portfolio profile, you can do as following image

However, your site's footer is not "fixed"

footer portfolio

3. For Blog

Your content will be "Max Width" when you select Blog profile.You can demo in here


And then you will configure as guide in following image

Your website's footer will be not "fixed"



Using one of these profiles will help you be able to change your layout in your website. With above guides and attached images, i hope that you can use profiles easily and make new sight for your site. Now, let visit us and try.

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