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Web Design Trends in 2019

There is the fact that we are enjoying the last chapter of this decade. We have seen lots of innovative changes in the technology field such as the blooming of the internet, the launching of AI, VR, etc. These changes have also affected a lot the web design in recent years. That's why we believe that in 2019, web designs will be the combination of aesthetics and technology. 9 web design trends below are expecting to dominate the global design field.

  1. 3D illustration

When considering the web design illustration, the first term instantly coming to our mind is surely "flat design". However, the creativity of designers allows them to create unique websites and delivering the brand message in the best way. Besides simple illustration of the content, the web designers are attempting to make their graphics lively as much as possible and blur the boundaries between the digital and the real worlds.
In these days, it is easy to see graphics with textured and 3D illustrations, not just flat colour.


2. Natural, organic shapes 

Although the systematic grids such as squares, rectangles and triangles give graphics the stability, designers are looking for the accessibility and the comfort from their designs by using more natural shapes and smooth lines. It is said, "Imperfect makes perfect". It's true! These imperfect and organic shapes provide the graphics with more depth and make them alive through the illustrations of movements.


3. Glitch effect  

Glitch art, a great way to grab the visitor attraction is expected to be one of the hottest trends in the world of web design this year. Just a simple glitch effect added to your site will bring a great visual interest and attract visitors to these parts. Besides, it is pretty simple to implement this effect. Lots of websites are successful in applying this glitch art.


4. Micro-interactions 

Micro-interactions are events which address single task or purpose. These parts create moments to engage, welcome or delight the user. You can find these micro-interactions everywhere such as in your devices or apps. Focusing on details will bring great effects. In this 2019, they are expected to appear heavily on web designs. Hover and scrolling animation, animated buttons, and much more will surely make your site more attractive and a little bit smarter.


5. Chatbots and customer support 

Nowadays, chatbots which allow connecting your customers you to a "conversational" computer program and providing them with an instant answer for questions are becoming more and more popular on many websites with the higher level of customisations. Due to the advancements of AI, chatbots are more intelligent and efficient. They, along with customer support service have already revealed their benefits themselves such as easily connect to customers, save money and available in 24/7. 

6. Video content 

Why do you need video content on your website? First of all, it is an engaging way for users to consume more content in a faster way. Most people prefer to watch video content than static text. And in Google's mixed search results, websites having video content are ranked above the standard ones. That's why lots of web designers and developers intend to contain video content on their sites to make them searchable and get a higher Google ranking.


7. Minimalism 

Minimalism style has been up-and-coming in daily life and many other fields such as Decoration, Music, etc. In the web design world, web designers apply it by removing all unnecessary elements or content not supporting user tasks. It will bring the graphics a simple interface and help users focus on what satisfies their requirements.


8. Mobile first 

In recent years, we've witnessed the exploding of internet usage in general and mobile internet usage in particular. According to the Ericsson, the number of global smartphone users is expected to be 6.1 billion by 2020. Plus, "mobile first" is one of Google's ranking criteria. Because of these reasons, this style plays a vital role in web design and is going to be one of the dominant trends in this 2019.

9. Bold typography and serif font 

Big and bold text is currently a big hit on websites and proves itself to bring marvellous result. It delivers the power in messages, makes the brands stand out and strengthen their identity. It is the ideal style for minimalist designs to express clear and concise information.
Moreover, the serif font is back and becomes one of the hottest font trends in this 2019. Take MailChimp as an example. This famous brand uses this serif font to decorate and bring it a modern look.

They are 9 trends expected to spread out in the web design in this 2019. What is your favourite one? Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comment box below.