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What Are Web Design Trends Expected To See In 2016

Like any other design trends, web design trends come and go with the passing of time. 2015 has been an interesting year in term of web design with lots of amazing techniques and tools. Continuously, in this 2016, we expect to see the evolution of these trends and the appearance of new design trends growing in the popularity.

Let’s round up the hottest web design trends which is going to dominate 2016 right now!

1. Focus on UI patterns

2015 saw a dramatic increase of some common UI design patterns. Although these patterns all have different effects on a UI design, you should consider all pros and cons of each pattern before making decision of using it. Let’s have a quick look around some famous markets such as Themeforest, it is easy to find some outstanding designs below:

a. Clever menus

Aiming to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible, hiding everything under the hamburger menu is becoming popular and will soon be a norm. This simplification gives the design a clean and sleek look and it appeals to users to focus on main content. Users can view or hide menu items anytime they want.

However, it is not true for all websites. For websites which come with plenty and complex content such as E-commerce, it is difficult for visitors to find out the important content.

hamburger menu


b. Continuous scrolling

Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices, almost everyone is accustomed to long scroll; therefore, the long-scroll sites are quickly gained popularity. In this pattern, UI designers tend to put important elements in one lengthy home page that links to other small pages. Take advantages of this pattern, you can put your creative and visual storytelling to your page – a powerful tool to promote interaction and make users stay longer.

In the future, long scroll will also incorporate other trends typically minimalism and a wide range of attributes, which will continue to fulfill new needs of various users.



c. Card layouts

Nurtured by Pinterest, Card UIs are now one of the fastest growing layouts which have become popular not just for its appealing visual style, but because of its practicality in mobile devices. Each card works as a unified concept with a variety of data such as Images, text, buttons, links, etc. Side by side with the development of technology, cards will continue to evolve and become bigger to adopt more content and typography.

card layouts


d. HD backgrounds

This pattern is truly a powerful artistic tool to grab user’s attraction. There are 3 HD layouts that you can select to use: HD images, HD video and HD animations. These layouts, in near future, will be more creative and have lots of improvement such as quick loading time and more effects combined.

hd img


2. Material Design grows dramatically

Hand in hand with the development of Cards layout, Material Design, a new Google’s style language which uses depth and shadow to make the design more realistic to the user, is expected to be richer alternative of pure Flat Design.

Back in to 2014, when Material Design was published, majority of projects using this language was limited to app design. However, with the introduction of Material Design Late on July 2015, it is easy to bring the look and feel of Material Design to your websites using vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

material design


3. Evolution of Flat Design

This iconic design style of 2010s will continue to be used and evolute in this new 2016. Before now, flat design was rigorously flat and focused on minimalism, which put the design at high risk of appearing boring or lack of individuality due to its popularity. In the evolution of flat design, we expect to see the prevalence of some new combinations of flat design and other styles such as using more detail and creative icons, applying more vibrant colors and ghost buttons in designs.

flat design


4. Responsive Design

responsive design

In an increasingly mobile world where everything can be processed via mobiles, it is a wise strategy to make your website adjusts all devices it’s viewed in. Not only is this style important to UX, but also it can help you to boost your page ranking according to Mobile Friendly Update released by Google.

Recently, responsive design is also highly compatible with other styles such as cards, minimalism and easily restructure in order to fit with any screen size. There is no doubt to say that this trend will continue to flourish in this 2016.


5. UI Animations

ui animations

Usually, the human eye is attracted to motion. That’s why animations are a perfect tool for drawing attention. In essence, these animations are divided into some popular techniques: Loading animations, hover animations, navigation and menu, animated galleries and slideshows, scrolling, page motions and background animations.

Thinking beyond the present, UI animations will become commonplace in different fields even professional industries such as financial or medical institutions.


6. Bolder Typography and Colors

typo color

With the continuous increase of web font, the designers now are easy to expand and refine their designs. Besides simple typography, dramatic typography – stand-out typography is being a popular trend. To apply this style, designers usually apply typographies with extreme size (large or small) and superimpose them on images. They sometimes invent their own creative usages or use artistic fonts to make typographies look more attractive.

Furthermore, vibrant colors combine well with dramatic typography which helps you to attract the visitors with powerful and intense messages.

Specially, another trend which designers enjoy and employ more and more in these days is color overlays – filtering an image with the emotional attributes of any color. We expect to see this trend go in popularity in this year.


7. Custom explainer video

Comparing with other trend, using an explainer video is the best way to demonstrate how the product and services work in just a few minutes. You can create this video with animation to clarify everything visually and summary important points quickly and efficiently. You can take Slack as an excellent example.

explainer video


That is a quick view on hot trends in this new year. Although these trends are becoming popular, you should consider each one carefully and apply them flexibly. Which trends do you expect to see in this 2016? Let’s share your favorite design style in comment section below.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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