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Why TZ Portfolio should be chosen for SEO purpose?

Why TZ Portfolio should be chosen for SEO purpose?

CCKs (Content Construction Kits) are application builders for content management, used to create custom posts/ pages/entries on a CMS (Content Management System).

There are a number of components filed under CCKs for Joomla such as TZ Portfolio, K2, Seblod.....
There is no doubt that there is always a priority for SEO effect when developers build a website. It is, therefore, very important to choose a great component that not only works well with the site but also supports SEO well among other nice components. Some people choose K2, some pick out Seblod... But TZ Portfolio is highly recommended in this field.
Let's find out the reasons why TZ Portfolio should be chosen.

1.More friendly Article URL:

For articles that using other components, the ID will be set to be in front of alias which partly limits the ability to find an item on search engines. For example:
But it comes to difference with TZ Portfolio. Separating the ID from alias in the article URL (ID stands at the end of the URL) like that: is now really more useful for searching an article on search engines like Google, Yahoo...


2.More friendly feature image path:

Feature image path of an article with component TZ Portfolio carries the alias and the ID of that article: /media/tz_portfolio/article/cache/introduction-to-tz-portfolio-archives-view-75_L.jpg. The image path of the article using TZ Portfolio clearly looks so shorter, more simple and smarter than that using other Content Construction Kits as it directs to a particular item. Therefore, to some extent, this supports SEO better.
Try to search the feature image by path:

image link

Or you only need to search title or a piece of text from article, feature image appears right away:

best fonts

3.Open Graph Protocol (OGP) Support:

The Open Graph Protocol (OGP) enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph like Facebook, Twitter... To turn your web pages into graph objects, you need to add basic metadata to your page which means that you'll place additional tags in the of your web page. There are four required properties for every page: og: title, og: type, og: image, og: url. For more information, you can refer here:
TZ Portfolio, like some other components, does support OGP. Attaching tags in the     < head> of webpage increases the SEO effect than ever because search engines when working will prior come first to the tags to get data. This takes a shorter time to show results.
Here is the example showing that TZ Portfolio supports Open Graph Protocol:

portfolio meta

To optimize search engine effect for your site, it is important to choose an appropriate content construction kit (CCK) and TZ Portfolio helps you in this field. No hesitation, get TZ Portfolio today and make your site awesome.

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