EXCEPTION - Multipurpose Joomla Template

Template Configuration

  • This template uses Plazart Framework. However, there are some more features included.
  • For General Configuration, please check the Plazart Documentation


  • If you update the Plazart, please clear all caches including the browser one then continue other steps.
  • It should not be created too many blocks in a template layout. In our demo, we create each block or position for each module to make it clear for you.
    However, you can assign more than one module to a block/position.
  • Please go to Extensions > Template and choose the template style assigned to check the configuration.
  • The change in a template will only has effect on the one it is assigned to.


  • Step 1: To configure Navigation, go to: Extensions --> Template styles-->open tz_Exception - Default, in the Megamenu, you can configure "It".
  • Step 2: Select Menu to configure Mega Menu


  • It is extremely important for all users to assign any template style to the selected menu items that can be viewed by users.
  • Below is an example:
  • Go to: Extensions --> Template Style --> open tz_exception - Home 1; in the Assignment tab, you can sssign the template style "tz_exception - Home 1" to the menu items like in the below image
  • After assigning, you must have to click the "Save" button.
  • Assign the other template styles, you can do the same as the template style "tz_exception - Home 1".

Logo & Theme

  • You can go here to change the Templaza's logo to your logo
  • Path: Extensions-->Template Styles--> Choose the any template style (eg: tz_exception - Default) -->in the tab "Theme"

Change color

  • To change menu and submenu color, please go to Extensions-->Template Styles--> Choose the any template style --> Tab Template options --> Menu color
  • To change Topbar color, please go to --> Template options --> Color style
  • In this part, you can change "global color" and "background color --> Template options --> Color style".


  • To configure Fonts:Go to: Extensions --> Template styles --> open one template style (ex:tz_Exception - Default) , --> Advanced --> Fonts, you can configure "It".
    There are layouts used in the template. You can absolutely configure Fonts for each layout. You can follow the below link to get more information.
  • You can refer to know how to use the fonts HERE


  • This function will not be useful for you if you install the template the quickstart package.
  • However, it is extremely useful if you install the template manually.
  • It means that you can absolutely have a layout like ours without manual configuration.
  • To use this "preset" function, please go to "Extensions/Template Style/Select one template style

Layout Configuration

  • After you load "Preset", you will have a layout like our layouts.
  • Here is an example of layout:
  • If you want to change something, please go to the tab "Layout Configuration" take a look at some general instructions below:
  • Please see the following images:
  • Here below is a particular configuration for template layout " tz_exception - Default", and all layout blocks are set "Fixed Width"
  • Please see the following images: