After installing Option Tree plugin, Theme Options can be found in Appearance section. In this part, there are a lot of options that help you to build your site easily.

Go to Appearance --> Theme Options and find needed options

With Logo & Favicon Option, you can insert logo of your site which are either image or text. You can also add image for footer logo. Look at our examples of logo image. Make your site more professional by enabling favicon.

Theme Color

You can change global color of this theme in general. Color range is unlimited

  • Limited Color: Includes 12 default colors
  • Custom Color: Allows to choose unlimited theme color

Header Top Option

With this option, you can insert your contact information nad insert your social networks including Email and Phone number Also, you can choose to show or hide language switcher on header (Header Type 1).

Breadcrumb option

To use this option, Breadcrumb NavXT plugin must be installed. This option allows you to show page navigation and make it easy to manage your site.

This option of Breadcrumb image is generally applied for Portfolio page, single portfolio page, and blog page.

When you create Portfolio and Blog pages, breadcrumb's background images can be uploaded in that page.

In case, you have upload Breadcrumb image in each page, Breadcrumb image will be automatically taken from Breadcrumb option.

404 Page

This option allows you to create a meaningful 404 page instead of boring one.

Step 1: Go to Appearance --> Theme Option to open this option.

Step 2: Click 404 Page

Font Option

Step 2: Go to Appearance --> Theme Option

Step 1: Choose Font Option

You can choose more fonts by clicking Google Fonts. You can follow step by step as following to insert new font.

  • Step 2.1 - Choose new font you want
  • Step 2.2 - Click Add to Collection --> Use, copy code and font family, then paste to Font Option in Theme Option.
  • Step 2.3 - You should add positions you want to change in Selector box These positions can be a div or a class...

Custom CSS

This option allows you to add some extra configurations such as changing color, font size, etc by using CSS codes.

Go to Appearance --> Theme Option --> Custom CSS

Background Style

This option allows you to set up default background for Post, Page, Portfolio, Category, Archive, Seach page. Background can be Default, Single Image or Pattern or have a specific color.

Go to Appearance --> Theme Option --> Background Style

Blog Option

Go to Appearance --> Theme Option --> Blog Option

This option allows you to configure your blog. With this option, you can upload Breadcrumb's background image Of Blog Page, as well as enabling or disabling sidebar option.

Single Post Option

Single Portfolio Option

Shop Option

This option allows you to configure shop options: Breadcrumb, number of columns, sidebar, product height. Breadcrumb option on shop page is not applied for shop detail page.

Shop Detail Option

This option is used to set up options on Shop Detail Page like Breadcrumb, sidebar, Navigation Slider.

Right To Left

This option is used to choose Right To Left .