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Kavin Joomla Template

  • Created: Jul 11, 2016
  • By: TemPlaza
  • Email: info@templaza.com

We would like to express our great thanks to you for purchasing Kavin Joomla Template. We are extremely happy to know that you have selected Kavin for your website. And we are also sure that you will not feel disappointed after using our this template. To help our customers to use Kavin Joomla Template easily, we provide you with the documentation with all the details you need to use our product.

Beside Kavin, you can have a look at our beautiful templates here: Joomla Templates

Feel free to contact us and give us your feedback about the template, improvements you feel it needs and the documentation of the theme via Our Forum. We've hard to create this template, and we'll work even harder to support and improve it.

On behalf of TemPlaza Team, thanks so much! We hope you enjoy using Kavin Joomla Template.

  • Easy installation
  • Responsive and creative design
  • Plazart Framework
  • TZ Plus Gallery Pro
  • TZ Social Custom
  • TZ Contact
  • K2
  • K2 Tools
  • K2 Slider
  • And more ...

    Before you install your site with Kavin:

  • Have basic knowledge about Joomla and some configurations mentioned in other sections of this documentation.
  • Ensure to read Basic Requirements. Required extensions must be installed.