Lawyer Justice Joomla Template

How to Create Module

I. Module Installation

To install all the modules, please follow steps:

Step 1. Extract the downloaded Package

Step 2. The modules is included in folder "modules"

Step 3 Go to Extensions > Extension Manager

Step 4 Install all the module zip file in the folder "module".

Below are the modules types you need to install:

  • HikaShop Content Module
  • HikaShop Filter Module
  • JSN UniForm
  • K2 Content
  • K2 Tools
  • Unite Revolution Slider 2
  • TZ Contact
  • TZ Services
  • TZ Portfolio Plus Articles
  • TZ Tab Module
  • TZ Twitter Widget
  • Tz Map

II. Module Configuration

To configure all the modules, please follow steps:

Step 1: Log into the back-end of your site (

Step 2: Click on: Extensions > Modules

Step 3: Click on the button "New"

Step 4: Select a Module Type

Step 5: Configure all neccessary options then Save module.

Step 5: Save the module and check your site.

* In each Demo Pages, we include the modules which are neccessary for them. Please click on the module to see the detail configuration for each module.