Nish II - Creative Portfolio Template


General Info

This part shows you how to install the template in 2 ways: Quickstart and Manual installation.

  • When installing quickstart, you will get the demo data without paid extensions.
  • When installing manually, you need to install your site step by step.
  • If you build your site from scratch, quickstart installation will be the best choice for you.

First of all, please make sure that you need to meet all Basic Requirements.


  • You can see how to install our quickstart package HERE.
  • After the installation, you can have a look at the tutorial of each page to configure the template as you want.


  • Nish II is a free creative and modern Joomla template for portfolio, blog, mini-shop and social network. The template supports TZ Portfolio, EasyBlog, EasySocial and Hikashop to help to build a fully functional website. Nish II also supports video, gallery page and all default Joomla pages with customized style.
  • Please download the file README.txt to know about extensions and modules necessary for this template.

To install this template manually, please comply step by step as following. Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Step 1 - Need to have a site ready to work, or install a Joomla site first

Step 2 - Download template and extensions package. Then extract extensions package

Step 3 – Log in your administrator and go to "Extensions > Extensions > Install"

Step 4 – Upload "tz_nish_ii_Template.v1.0 (Zip)


  • Nish II supports TZ Portfolio+ with 3 templates as Elegant, Selena and Art Gallery. You can use all to feature your work in a separate place from your website.

Step 1 – Download TZ Portfolio plus core package(Zip), Selena template, and Art gallery template

Step 2 – Then upload Tz Portfolio plus coreExtension > Manage > Install

Step 3 – Go to Component > TZ portfolio Plus > Template

Step 4 – Click "Upload" toolbar button -> Choose package Selena template -> Click "Upload & Install" Button.

Step 5 – Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Portfolio Plus -> Styles (or Click Styles on sidebar) -> Set one as the default template style.

Step 6 – Duplicate the Selena template, and change its name into "selena - article - classic" and "selena - article - media - bottom" respectively, then configure their layouts.

How to install Add-ons. This template package is included those add-ons: Image gallery, and Video. These add-ons will help you to create interesting Portfolio articles.

Step 1 – Download add-ons

Step 2 – Go to Component > TZ portfolio Plus > Add-on > Upload (Zip)


  • After installing this template package, please follow the detailed instructions in the part "Demo Pages" to continue.