Nish II - Creative Portfolio Template


Below are Components and module you need to install:

To install all the modules, please follow steps:

Step 1 - Download required modules and components

Step 2 - Go to Extensions > Manager in the backend of your site ( and upload the module zip files.

Step 3 - After seeing the green message, Congratulations! You install the module successfully.

Now, let's continue to create and configure module in your site.

After install the necessary module types, you can follow the steps below to configure all the modules:

Step 1 - Log into the back-end of your site ( and go to "Extensions > Modules"

Step 2 - Click on the button "New" and select module type you want.

Step 3 - Configure all neccessary options including Title, Options, Assignment, Advanced and others depending on each module style.

Step 4 - Save the module and check your site in the front end.

* To have module A appears in position B of page C that is assigned to template style D, it need to meet the requirements:
  • Module A is assigned to position B and page C.
  • There is position B in template style D.


  • Here below are all modules used in this template demo. Please take a look:
* In each Demo Pages, we include the modules which are neccessary for them. Please click on the module to see the detail configuration for each module.