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mohamed tharwat https://www.templaza.com/forums/profile/140900-rushtech360.html Tue, 26 Sep 2023 17:33:46 +0700 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb We have received a report of phishing at the following location: https://www.templaza.com/component/easydiscuss/we-have-received-a-report-of-phishing-at-the-following-location.html?Itemid=2177 https://www.templaza.com/component/easydiscuss/we-have-received-a-report-of-phishing-at-the-following-location.html?Itemid=2177 MANAGE USERS) -> "Edit" area of the control panel. Passwords should not contain dictionary words and should be a string of at least 8 mixed-case alpha characters, numbers, and symbols. It is also recommended to always use Secure FTP (SFTP) or SSH rather than regular FTP, which sends passwords over the internet in plaintext. You can disable FTP for your user(s) within the DreamHost panel (USERS > MANAGE USERS) section. At this point, we recommend logging into your DreamHost server and removing the content we listed. (Note: You may first need to reset the permissions). You should also look for any other files/directories you did not upload yourself and update all your website components where applicable. As for determining which entry point is the cause of this incident, for 1 and 2, you can review the Apache logs for suspicious activity and requests to suspicious files. Keep in mind that we typically only keep around 5 days worth of Apache logs. For 3, you can refer to this article to find recent logins to your user]]> Wed, 17 May 2023 18:58:03 +0700 can not import demo getting Erorr https://www.templaza.com/component/easydiscuss/can-not-import-demo-getting-erorr.html?Itemid=2177 https://www.templaza.com/component/easydiscuss/can-not-import-demo-getting-erorr.html?Itemid=2177 Tue, 09 May 2023 23:36:04 +0700