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Caly Kuram ESAs for People with Allergies


Pets are something that we can truly call “ours”. They consider us their owners and their whole lives revolve around ours. That is what makes these animals great when it comes to providing emotional support. If you think you are mentally unwell and need spirit to lighten your mood, then a cute creature might just be your calling to a new life. However, there are things to keep in mind if you plan to own an ESA but need an ESA Letter. These things include accommodation, expenses, and allergies. Yes, you heard it right! Many of us might be immune to it, yet there are many that might not be able to handle them.


Most of the ESAs are furry and they shed fur which can cause allergic reactions. Also, their saliva is also contaminated with allergy-causing contents. So is it over? Will I not be able to keep an ESA? That is not true because there is always an alternative solution. Let’s see some alternate options that people might be interested in.



Rabbits are one of the prime examples of animals that you can keep as  ESAs and are less likely to  cause allergies. Rabbits are small creatures and can be accommodated in a small cage. They have fur and they do shed but it is confined, so here is an ideal candidate for you.



Yes, you heard it correctly. Dogs! But they are so furry and shed a lot. Yes, they do but not every breed of dog does. One of the prime examples is that of a labradoodle. They don't shed as much as other types of dogs and they make the cutest and most adorable ESAs. So if you have always wanted a dog as an ESA and you have allergies, then a labradoodle is the way to go for you. They also don't produce a lot of saliva.



Cats are the animals that are likely to cause the most allergic reactions among all the animals. They move, shed, and produce saliva, all of which are harmful for the ones with allergies. It is best that you avoid having such a creature as your ESA if you have allergy issues. But if you still think that you can’t live without a cat, then there are alternative breeds of cats that produce less toxins that can cause allergy. Do a little research and find the one that you think would suit you the best.


Fish are such lovely, colourful, and vibrant creatures. They have no danger of causing allergies but they do require a lot of care. You need to feed them, wash their tank, and look after their needs. If you are capable of doing so then a little nemo might be your best friend in this world. Do remember that you require a proper document to prove that its an ESA. Take a look at an emotional support dog letter sample online and check what it requires to get one. It is not a difficult task to get one but getting it from a reliable source is the major thing to remember.

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