What is a QuickStart package?

What is exactly a QuickStart Installation provided on your template and how do i install it?

The QuickStart package included all the files needed to install joomla J!1.5 latest stable version, our template, components, modules and plugins, also the sql dump content included to set the template exactly like we show on the demo showcase.

QuickStart = (Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 or WordPress) + template + components, modules and plugins + sql demo content.

How to install?

Just create a new database, unpack and upload all the files available inside of the quickstart folder to your joomla/wordpress website. Them make a normal joomla/wordpress installation and login into your administrator panel using "admin" as username and "your password define" as password.

Exact step by step quickstart installation process will be found here.