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It's obvious that an attractive website plays an important role in the success of a business and an event as well. By choosing a good event theme for your website, you'll be able to promote your event online and attract people joining your eve...
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Today, we are extremely happy to announce that Meetup Version 1.7.3 is available for download now. In this version, a brand-new home layout is added so that you have more suggestions to build up a unique conference and event website in your own way. ...
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Everyone desires to live in a cozy, professionally decorated and elegantly furnished apartment. There is no doubt that interior design plays an important role in our everyday life as well as website design. This carefully picked collection of 10 best...
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Wedding is concerned as an important event happening only once in a blue moon for couples, and it's supposed to have a way to manifest memorable moments together. Let's start to celebrate your forthcoming commitment ceremony with Everline - A clean, ...
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Hi folks,Today, we are extremely excited to announce that a brand-new home page named Home Rental is already available when you download the AutoShowroom WordPress Theme. ​AutoShowroom, an amazing WordPress design for Car dealership and automoti...
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TemPlaza Proprietary Use License

The TemPlaza Proprietary Use License allows you to use our products for any purpose and to study how they work and adapt them to your needs. This means no parts the products are encrypted. But it is not allowed to redistribute or reuse these products or parts of them in a modified or even unmodified version without prior consent of TemPlaza. The right to use products that are published under the TemPlaza Proprietary Use License is defined by the Terms of Use of the TemPlaza club.


Here is a short list of all products which are completely published under the TemPlaza Proprietary Use License:

  • Templates based on TemPlaza
  • Commercial Icon Packages


Products with GPL elements


Some products built for CMS sytems like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal are using PHP code which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 2 (see But the GPL only applies to PHP files. All images, CSS and JavaScript files are NOT published under the GPL. These files run independently and are accessed directly by the web browser with no processing by any CMS system. As such, these files are not covered by the GPL. They are released under the TemPlaza Proprietary Use License.


Here is a short list of these products:

  • Templates based on TemPlaza
  • Commercial TZ apps
  • Commercial TZ tools


Products that are published under the GPL

Following TemPlaza products are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 2 (see

  • TZ extension
  • Free TZ apps
  • Free TZ tools



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