Developer Membership

Am I allowed to customize templates downloaded after my license expired?

28 September, 2011

Yes, you are only allowed to customize all templates you have downloaded during the validity duration of the license and in registered domains. If you need to create a new domain (e.g. for your client), you need to renew your license in order to make this project legally used.

Additionally, after your license expired you do not have access to our support forum, updates, etc. To access these sections, you have to renew your membership.

Is it possible to resell templates?

28 September, 2011

No, it is impossible to resell TemPlaza templates. You are only allowed to sell your projects created which are based on TemPlaza templates.

Why choosing Developer Membership?

28 September, 2011

 By purchasing Developer Membership, you have immediate access to our TemPlaza site, to products and services offered by our Club.

Additional features exclusive for Developer Membership:

  • Permission to download all templates released and the new launched from the moment you join our Club and during your membership time;
  • Use templates on unlimited number of domains; but please do remember that all domains have to be registered at our site;
  • Access to VIP support forum which is exclusive for Developer licensed members;
  • 30% discount for membership renewal